Give one of these tracks a try for the Intro and Outro of your Jokecast.

Shuffle for K.M.from the Album Paris S.F. by the JPFM Band [right click to download Shuffle for K.M.mp3]

Crazy Game from the Album Let Me In by PERSSON. [right click to download Crazy Game .mp3]

Out on the Road from the album Blues For A Soldier by PERSSON [right click to download Out on the Road.mp3]

Bzoark from the album Moods by Matteo Cargnelutti [right click to download Bzoark.mp3]

Sandu from the album Surpriscording by Hugo 'Droopy' Contini [right click to download Sandu.mp3]

Grimey Patches by Marco Raaphorst [right click to download Grimey Patches.mp3]

The Triumph Of Obvious from the album The Unemployed by Jampy [right click to download The Triumph Of Obvious.mp3]

Five Tribes from the album Patent Pending by Frank Thorstein [right click to download Five Tribes.mp3]

Nocturne from the album Music For Your Soul (EP) by Martin Riopel [right click to download Nocturne.mp3]

1984 from the album This Ain't Hollywood par Silence is Sexy [right click to download 1984 (Instrumental).mp3]

Honeybee by Kevin McLeod at [right click to download Honey Bee.mp3]
(less than one minute; good for musical loops)

Piano Work 02 by rysktchkw on Soundcloud [right click to download 05 Piano_Work_02.mp3]

Sacred Songs and Chants
A collection of 14 multicultural and original songs and chants sung by Michael Drake. Singing and drumming are extremely powerful tools for restoring the vibrational integrity of body, mind, and spirit. When coupled together, they move us to a level of awareness beyond form, a place where we discover our own divinity. Each song and chant on this recording has a specific purpose for invoking or paying homage to spirit beings and deities. Each one creates a vibratory resonance that allows these forces to be called forth. Tracks: Introduction, Eagle Chant, Hummingbird Chant, Coyote Chant, Bear Chant, Buffalo Chant, Horse Chant, Earth Chant, Rainbow Fire Chant, Raven Song, Forest Song, Cherokee Morning Song, Wolf Chant, Song to the West, Sedna Song.