Make'em Laugh!

Get your feet wet podcastcasting by telling a joke. We'll mix in a laugh track and some music and ... Voila!

The audio file you create can be re-purposed for anything by replacing the "joke track" with science news, student reflections, this week in room < your class >, whatever.

First, listen to the demo: The 3-legged Dog
Smile! by flickr user Darwin Bell

Music Credit: Crazy Game from the Album Let Me In by PERSSON

How To:

Step 1: Record the audio of you telling a joke directly into audacity.

Step 2: Find a laugh track. Download it. Drag into your project. ( I used this one )

Step 3: Find some instrumental music you like. Download it. Drag it into the project too. (Make sure you save the copyright info!)
I used Crazy Game from the Album Let Me In by PERSSON.

Step 4: Mix your audio and export it as an mp3 or wave file.

Advanced Post Production

or how to build real small mp3 files
Step 1: Export your Audacity Project as a wave or aiff file.1272913760_iTunes.png

Step 2: Run it through the Levelator. (This will just make the voice recording sound gooood.)

Step 3: Open it in iTunes and convert it to an mp3.